Friday, March 29, 2013


What I ate yesterday...

B-oatmeal w/1 splenda, 1 drizzle of sugar in the raw syrup, tsp butter and 1% milk along with one strip of precooked bacon and coffee

L-tuna salad on a LC tortilla factory wrap with one slice American cheese, tomato, and bread and butter pickles


D-innards of almost 2 stuffed peppers, cup of chili soup (all liquid no thickness), salad with honey mustard, cottage cheese with apple butter, and 1/4 cup cole slaw

S-embarrassingly enough a buttercream egg about the size of a reeses egg

water - 4 16oz glasses

Yesterday was very productive for me, not only did I get some weights and walking in but I cleaned the showers, did all laundry, and made appts.

Today is Friday and so glad baseball will be starting up again.  Phillies are back at the Bank and I can't wait.

Food so far

B-2 eggs with spinach, mushrooms, onion, and mozzarella, coffee
L-Im thinking sushi with brown rice (so good)
S-probably tea or coffee
D-this is tough not sure yet will update later.

Today I want to make my menu for this upcoming week, get to the grocery store, and maybe make some desserts for Easter.

Plus of course get some exercise in which I foresee as walking.

Laters baby!!

Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Like nothing ever happened...

Thy scale has but one name and it is the devil. But only because it shows I weigh more than I ever have in a long time. I know its due to alot of things happening right now mainly stress about my husband's business closing. Really if that would resolve itself I would be doing fine. So anyway I just need a place to write down what I am eating and how I am staying active.

Food so far
B-2 eggs, WW english muffin with butter and coffee
S-V8 and few nuts
L-smoothie greek yogurt berries banana spinach splash of milk sugar in the raw syrup
S-if necessary cheese cubes
D-corn and bacon chowder - I know this isn't very healthy sounding but I have all the ingredients and paired with a salad should be fine.

 E-hour of walking and elliptical; I may even try to walk my dogs this afternoon

 For now, working on destressing and being positive.

Thursday, February 23, 2012

Yoohoo Remember Me?

This blogging thing is hard. But its not the blogging thats the problem its the hurdles in my head and getting back to the point where I come first.

My husband who is my biggest supporter told me to set a goal for myself of 200 even. Get to 200 and maintain it for a little bit. Then go from there. He's right. He always knows how to make it sound so simple too. Right now the last number I saw was 224.2. That was today after running, well walking some, jogging and running. I did some HIIT one min at 3.0, one min at 4.0 and one min at 5.0. That was for the first 30mins the last 10-15 I jogged straight. GO ME!!! I reached 3 miles.

Let me lay it on the line for you folks, heres my plan:
Food: South Beach Diet (these principles have always worked for me-no more crash diets or quick fixes)
Exercise: M-F cardio 5x week, weights T&Th with 20 min cardio session, MWF will be 45 mins cardio which probably means running
Recording food on said blog
Remembering I want to keep this weight off and it will be a slow process
Ignoring what others are doing to lose weight and not thinking it will work for me.
Get one week under my belt and weigh in.
Not stress out about everything; does terrible things to one's waistline.
Not be hard on myself.
Not be hard on myself.
Walk my dog, he needs to lose weight too. (about 13lbs to be exact).
Theres more I know theres more
But for now just be proud of me and know I can do this and I will.

Food today
B-one egg, one bacon slice, one piece of Lt. WW toast with tsp of butter and coffee with half and half
L-applebees-pick n pair chili and chopped fiesta salad
S-Dannon diabetic yogurt with pecans and blueberries
100oz water
E-well thats up top

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Long Hiatus

Lame I know...

Anyway its no excuse not to stick to a healthy plan and gain weight. Those two dreaded words. Food and exercise today which is what it might be for awhile I think. Not sure. Just need some accountability.

Food so far: (will update throughout day)
B-2 eggs, 2 slices turkey bacon, coffee
S-slice of peanut butter toast

E-2 hours of mowing and yard work and walk 2 miles

Water - get in 96 oz

Thursday, March 3, 2011

Three Things Thursday

1. Did a Jackie Warner video today for strength. It was great and I loved it. The time seemed to zip by. Maybe because it was new and thats exactly what I needed.

2. Had a good coffee break with my sister in law this morning about anything and everything under the sun. Diet, money, family and all that other jazz.

3. Our toilet crapped out on us. *bad pun i know go and ahead and hit me* That will be this weekends home project.

Food today
B-egg, LOL American slice, 2 slices PF light style WW,coffee w/half and half
S-fruit cup which was barely palatable
L-ground beef and sausage mixed with rotel and cream cheese (1 cup) and a v8
S-celery with PB
D-turkey burgers, sweet potato fries and mixed veggies
D-NSA Kozy Shack Rice Pudding w/Strawberries

Tuesday, March 1, 2011


I am here kicking and screaming. No, not kicking and screaming I guess just a little disappointed in myself for the eating over the past month was a little out of hand, not alot. THe focus wasn't eating the proper foods all the time. That area was a little lax. I don't want to dwell on it I just want to move on and get back in the saddle. Journaling my exercise and food.

My foot did heal and so theres barely any pain. I would like to continue my 10k training maybe not pushing the speed issue but more the endurance. Bottom line is I like the way running makes me feel and I like the challenge it gives me. I am not sure whether it helps me lose weight but I really like the sweat it produces. Slow and steady the mantra I must accept.

Todays breakfast started out the a cup of rice chex and a cup of 2% milk with a double fiber english muffin. Now this is more carbs than I would ever think about eating for breakfast. I was being lazy this morning and my mood wasn't great so I opted to bow out of the health arena for that one. Well I am paying for something right now because my stomach is in all kinds of knots.

Rest of the day is being planned out right now
L-hamburger mixture (with rotel and cream cheese), V8
S-celery with peanut butter and fage
D-salmon frittata and asparagus
96 water
E-TBD will post though (40 mins running/walking on the treadie)

I would like to comment on my thoughts and feelings of why I missed a month of posting because that certainly isn't helping my weight goals. Its not fair to myself. Why did I do this? Let me think about it.

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Bummed out a little...Randomness

I did something real bad to my foot. I think it may have been from following too rigorous a workout too soon. From what I have researched it has all the potential signs of a stress fracture. So this week I am taking a break from the exercise. I was almost at the point on Monday of not being able to walk while at the grocery store. It hurt that much. I know the break will do me good but I can't help but feel guilty, like I am robbing myself of the exercise I need. I even used the elliptical on Monday but my foot still was in pain.

Recently I have been pondering the body bugg thing too.

I never did the kale chips, my piggies are loving kale though. They eat it like crazy.

Dan and I did agree to finally buy a snowblower. Glad we finally did and was able to score the last one left in a 200 mile radius. Seriously no joke.

Today is ice storm day. Everything is covered in ice.

My plans today are to clean my kids play room, stay warm, and thats about it.